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Direct to film transfers!


***Gang sheets are printed AS-IS! Please double check your gang sheet for errors. Please submit your designs exactly how you'd like them printed. Be sure to check for color, size, overlapping, your desired quantity is correct. Please do no mirror your design, your design will print as shown on the computer screen! Again, what you submit is what we print. Please reopen your file after exporting to check for accuracy***


All gang sheets must be 22" wide by your desired height (96" max)


Please ensure your image is saved as a 300 dpi or greater PNG file


Transparent background is a must.


Absolutely no trademarked/copywritten images. If your order contains a a trademarked/copywritted image your order will be refunded minus a 10% fee to cover all fees at time of purchase.


Turn around time will be posted at the top of the site and may vary depending on order volume.


If you need assistance setting up your gang sheet, please use the listing


If using a code, please provide your gang sheet within 24 hours of payment.

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