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Customized DTF Logos

Customized DTF Logos


You will recieve 25 2.5" (on the longest side) logos


Please pick your font and frame numbers. You will get the choice of white ink or black ink.


You may send in your own logo as long as it is a quality digital file. I will accept a svg, png. To ensure perfect quality try to use the original copy of your logo. Please no canva free version or cricut. Both don't export quality images. Please email it to Please include your business name in the comments regardless if you're emailing a logo or creating from a font/frame above


These can be used anywhere on the shirt to make your business stand out. You can put them on the tag area inside on the neck, near the design on the front of the shirt, on the back neck area, on the bottom on the shirt, on the sleeve, anywhere you see fit! 


Turn around time is 7-10 business days

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